“Refrain from unnecessary comments on Bollywood”

by Subhechcha Ganguly

In light of recent scandals surrounding Bollywood movies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday advised Bharatiya Janata Party members and leaders to hold off on making superfluous comments about unrelated topics like movies. On the second and final day of the BJP’s National Executive Meeting in Delhi today, the PM addressed the party members. While everyone in the party works hard, according to PM Modi, certain people may comment on a movie and modify the entire plot.Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s movie “Pathaan” has drawn criticism from a number of BJP heavyweights, including Narottam Mishra and Ram Kadam, and there have been mounting calls to prohibit it.

Ram Kadam, a leader of the Maharashtra BJP, had asked the filmmakers if the movie was a ruse to get “cheap attention” or if there was some sort of plot behind their choice. The BJP representative had stated that as the Maharashtra state is governed by a BJP party that upholds Hindutva ideals, the government will not permit the airing of any movie or television programme that offends Hindutva sentiments.Narottam Mishra, a minister of Madhya Pradesh, reacted angrily to the movie’s use of saffron clothing. He had claimed that the movie has certain offensive sequences in it and had threatened to have Pathaan banned in Madhya Pradesh if such scenes weren’t changed.He continued by saying that all party members should put in a lot of effort and avoid working with the attitude that “if Modi arrives (to campaign), we will win.” He added that there are only 400 days till the general elections of 2024, and that it is crucial for workers to go out and inform people that “the Modi government carried out a surgical strike because you chose him.” Devendra Fadnavis, the head of the BJP, disclosed that PM Modi had emphasised how young people between the ages of 18 and 25 have not experienced the poor governance of the previous administration and how India has advanced to excellent governance under the current administration. Therefore, youth need to be made aware of it.

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