Rise Like a Phoenix

Rise Like a Phoenix

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Sivasankaran Nair, Director of Sreeragam Exports Pvt Ltd.

At the early days of his Business chart, he(Rise Like a Phoenix) hit the street and had to struggle to fend for himself and his family. But the wheel of fortune turned in his favor. Today, he has established a company centered on marine business that boasts of a turnover of Rs 650 crore.

“Ups and downs are the part and parcel of every business but to bounce back and join the dots is the hallmark of a successful businessman. You have to possess business acumen if you really want to do entrepreneurship”, believes S Nair(Rise Like a Phoenix),  Director of Sreeragam Exports Pvt Ltd.

During his 44 years of journey in marine exports, Nair(Rise Like a Phoenix) has never given up on any commitment.

Once he(Rise Like a Phoenix) endorses a deal, he factors in the losses that may stem from the volatility of prices and uncertainties in the marine business ecosystem.

“Probably, these commitments have been the USP of Sreeragam Exports. This is one reason why our buyers are still intact even after completing decades in this business”, he says.

When asked how he mastered the tenets of business, Nair quipped it was possible just because of the military family backdrop that molded the philosophy of his life and instilled in him the values for personal and business life.

Sreeragam Exports Pvt Ltd was founded in 2011 with a vision to export wide varieties of shrimps at affordable prices and uncompromised quality on a global scale.

“At the same time, we(Rise Like a Phoenix) also had the mission to establish Sreeragam Exports Pvt Ltd as one of the most leading integrated businesses in the seafood industry. Without mixing any words, we are always up to its core values despite off-seasons too, we have always tried to accommodate for the long term go not just according to the flow of our business”.

Nair’s business got a huge facelift when two of his sons joined him and shared his responsibilities shoulder to shoulder from 2011 onwards.

Since then, the trio has never looked back on expanding the horizons of their business.

Of late, they have inaugurated a new plant at Chandpur, Nayagarh with advanced mechanism and processing by his Excllency Prof. Ganeshi Lal, Governor of Odisha.in approximately, from the State Kolkata and Odisha with a combined capacity of about 150 metric tonnes per day is on go.

In CHINCHU and CHINCHU GOLD, they have created some marquee brands. Nayar believes humor and professionalism should go hand in hand.

An ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, he feels it is God’s calling that has taken his business this far.

“We are here just to do our duties. The rest is in the hands of the Lord.  So let’s just try to perform best what you do”, he said.