Russian Millionaires and MP’s found dead in a week in Odisha


The Russian sausage tycoon Pavel Antov and a companion were found dead on December 24. According to Odisha Police, one of them may have committed suicide by falling from the terrace of a hotel in Rayagada on the third story. Antov, a fellow tourist and roommate, passed just two days before from a “heart attack,” according to an officer, and he was “extremely disturbed” about it.

On December 24, Pavel Antov, a Russian lawmaker and entrepreneur, died after falling from the third storey of the hotel. On December 22, his travelling companion Vladimir Bidenov was also discovered dead in his room.According to a police officer, Antov travelled to Rayagada on tourist VISAs with Bidenov and two other pals to celebrate his 66th birthday. “The two deceased people’s autopsies have been finished. A probe has been started in this matter of the twin deaths, and we are in close contact with the Russian authorities in Kolkata, he added.

Pavel Antov, who is rumoured to be a Vladimir Putin detractor, spoke out against the conflict in Ukraine in the parliament.
The deaths have prompted a number of inquiries, including: why did a politician take such a drastic step?, why did they travel to Rayagada?, what connection exists between Russia and Rayagada?, and had Pavel been sent?

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