Sex workers live in a dismay

Sex workers live in a dismay

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By, Yogita Malhotra

While the coronavirus pandemic has upended the world, the sex workers have been plunging into the dark abyss of joblessness. The fear of the deadly virus has pushed their customers away, leading them towards the edge of starvation.

As sources reported, Kusum, the president of the All India Network of Sex Workers (AINSW) – a group of sex workers that assists others with legal rights, health issues and social security across the country, said over 60% of the sex workers in Delhi have already left for their homes.

“The 60% population accounts for around 3,000 sex workers. According to government figures, a total of registered 5,000 sex workers reside in Delhi,” Kusum said. (TH)

Dismally, they have lost their livelihood, not only Delhi sex workers, struggling fiercely to make their both ends meet. In some other states like Mumbai, the migrant sex workers have unable to go back to their own homes due to the prolonged lockdown and deteriorating condition.

Though some of them have been trying to mend their ways through digital earnings, some cannot have access to it due to lack of knowledge and resources.

They have been receiving food with the help of donations since no government schemes have been made to ameliorate their living conditions during the hard times.

Moreover, virtual sex can be one of the ways through which they can be sustained for some time, but it cannot be neglected that the privacy concerns are equally on a stake.

Therefore, there seems a crucial need for government assistance to the community of sex workers, who have always been either dehumanised or denigrated by society.

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