Sharing photos from the haldi ceremony are Daljeet Kaur, her fiancé Nikhil, and their children

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Daljeet Kaur, a TV star, uploaded images from her haldi ceremony. The vibrant images depict Dalljiet and her fiancé Nikhil Patel as radiant figures wearing yellow clothing and sporting turmeric paste on their faces. The celebrations now include their children as well. Dalljiet and Nikhil are shown strolling hand in hand in the album’s opening image. He is dressed in yellow kurta and yellow pyjamas, while she is dressed in a yellow saree with a blue blouse. The following picture shows him admiring her mehendi, while the third picture captures them having a private moment. A picture also shows Dalljiet receiving turmeric paste application while posing with her relatives. The final image has Dalljiet and Nikhil along with Jaydon, her son, and Aariyaana, his daughter. Nikhil has as well

Daljeet and Nikhil got engaged in January in Nepal after meeting at a party in Dubai. She recently commented to The Times of India in an interview on her son’s relationship with Nikhil, saying, “Jaydon is pretty sophisticated for his age. He would question me if I was thinking about the person I was dating for marriage when we had previously dated. He has always wanted a father figure, but I had to make sure I got him a good one and myself a good one because it would affect both of our lives. He addressed Nik (Nikhil Patel) as papa on his own, though, when they first met a few months ago.

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