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Shimilipal Tiger Reserve needs to relocate a village to get the status of National Park

The Similipal Tiger Reserve (STR) is currently waiting for a village to relocate from the center to be declared a complete national park. The main reason the tiger sanctuary failed to meet the government’s standards for national park status is due to the human habitation in the core area. Similipal is the state’s largest tiger habitant and the fourth largest tiger habitat in the country, with an area of ​​2,306.61 square kilometers, of which only 845.70 square kilometers are designated as national parks.

According to the latest response from the Minister of Forestry, Environment and Climate Change (MoEFCC) Pradip Kumar Amat in Parliament, the tiger land is now relocating one village to officially obtain full-scale national park status. There were six villages in the core area of ​​Similipal, of which Jennaville, Jamnagada, Kabatgai and Bakua were tax villages, and the other two (Barakamda and Bahaga) were settlement villages. The provincial government was able to expel villagers from Jennaville, Kabatogai Balaa Kamda, and Bahagar from the core area, but until last year 61 families from Bakua and three more from Jamna Gada lived in the area.

However, the Forest Department states that the village of Jam Nagada has been completely resettled and only Bakua remains in the core area. Efforts are being made to relocate Bakua village families from the core areas, according to Amat, following the National Tiger Conservation Agency’s (NTCA) rehabilitation package and state government guidelines for voluntary resettlement. Under the provincial government’s revised resettlement guidelines, families are resettled from protected areas (PAs) such as protected areas, national parks (NPs), tiger reserves, and inaccessible forest areas, you are entitled to financial assistance of 150,000 rupees and other benefits. Individual families who move without requesting a rehabilitation package are also eligible for an incentive of Rs 50,000.


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