Slum tours – a new way to earn money

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Poverty tourism is an activity where visitors tour slums and show uninvited sympathy for those who have been let down by the system and society. It has existed for a very long time.Recently, it was observed that a company in the national capital was running a similar slum tour and charging interested tourists Rs 1,800 to show them what life is like for the underprivileged. Outrage was generated when a screen grab of the website appeared on social media.

The efforts to increase the number of visitors to the slum tour have already started a wider discussion among online users. In the Indian business community, such a tour has long been practised. It has been made more popular by popular culture and is very common in some areas of the Dharavi slum in Mumbai and the slums of Delhi. As soon as Twitter users saw the post, they started discussing slum tours. One person called the practise of objectifying those living in poverty in order to amuse a wealthy audience “Poverty Porn.”

The tour’s highlights include: “Paying visits to modest businesses and homes. Explore the chicken market, a significant source of income. visiting the chapati factory, where every day the city receives more than 8000 chapatis. Try a cup of tea, then let us know what you think.” On the tour, you’ll also see: “a friend or local guide who speaks English. The company provided a welcome drink. local transportation and a company souvenir.”

By Subhechcha Ganguly

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