Home Administration New transgender Act to induct them to police, paramilitary

New transgender Act to induct them to police, paramilitary

New transgender Act to induct them to police, paramilitary

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By Yogita Malhotra 

The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019 introduced to provide for the protection of rights of transgender people, their welfare, and other related matters forbade a glimpse of hope in their lives, who could hope to gain equal importance along with the men and women.

On 3rd July, in the amendment, the home ministry is set to allow induction of transgender as “Third gender” into the central armed police forces. According to informed sources, it is going to be started this year.

The ministry is at the concluding stage of consultations with central paramilitary forcesBSF, CRPF, ITBP, SSB, and CISF on assigning transgenders, along with the male and female.

Undoubtedly, the Modi government has been undertaking several initiatives to encompass transgender community into various sectors like education, healthcare, employment, etc to fulfil their longstanding demands.

Not long ago, NMRC (Noida Metro Rail Corporation) constructed a metro station named as “Rainbow Station” for their community.

It will be providing them with employment opportunities to ensure self-reliance. Even last year, Chattisgarh had announced that transgenders should be given police jobs.

Though the government has been trying to constitute changes on various levels, the transgender community still suffers discrimination and stigma in the society we live in.

Their lives are ordinarily made the object of mockery. After all, men and women, in addition, have to accept them as they are instead of positioning them on the periphery of discrimination.

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