Social Media Addiction – A rising issue for the Youth

In Conversation with Author and Influencer Palak Chauhan


According to a survey by a regional daily the increase in people using social media has increased drastically in the past year .In 2022 ,the average a person used to spend on social media was 3 hours a day .Now 70% of the population uses social media upto 7 hours a day .Let’s talk to Palak on the topic “Social Media – A riwsing issue for the youth ?”

Q1) Do you feel small children getting addicted to phones nowadays are causing a harm to them ?

Ans – Yes, the children are getting addicted to phones on a large scale because they’re more obsessed with games and cartoons which affects them psychologically too.

Q2) We see a very common phenomenon nowadays. Even when we are sitting in a room with 5-6 people , almost everyone is into their phones ! What do you think has caused this habit?

Ans – The rising craze for social media and the innovation brought my new media has affected people deeply so people are on their phones for a longer duration. This is also destroying our relationships because we have somewhere forgotten the need to share everything with each other.

Q3) What according to you can be done by the youth to ensure proper usage of social media ?

Ans- social media can act as a tool to spread awareness regarding the issues which are of utmost importance to us.

Q4) Do you feel somewhere or the other parents are a factor who needs to be blamed for social media addiction ?
Ans- Yes, parents have become a factor to inculcate social media addiction among children because they don’t spread good values to them this can also be seen as a negative point.

Q5) “Several hobbies like reading books , outdoor activities can curb social media addiction to a limit “. How do you think youth can be inspired to take up such activities ?

Ans- Yes, I think adopting various hobbies can help in getting away from social media because children will be open to more opportunities and they won’t become over weight.

Q6) Finally what is your take on this entire topic.

Ans- This is a good topic for each and every generation because there are various mental health disparities being in the society because of the heavy usage of social media.

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