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Social Media Platforms’ Eye on #BoycottAmazon, For Demeaning Hinduism!


Amazon, a popular online shopping site is now into the dangerous waters of controversy and has turned into a scene of public outrage over the sale of doormats and clothing with images of Hindu traditions and Hindu deities.

India’s social media users can be clearly seen expressing their disappointment over such a low act by the most trusted and buyer-friendly foreign e-commerce website, as #BoycottAmazon trends on twitter with about 7.3K posting about it on Facebook.

Controversy has now erupted over  the doormats that Amazon sells, because the word “OM” is spelled in the Doormat. The word “OM” is a symbol of holiness according to Hindu traditions. This has been strongly condemned by the contemptible “Hindutva”.

Clearing its part on the questions raised against Amazon, the officials say, “All vendors must follow our sales guidelines and those who do not follow, action will be taken against them with the possible removal of their accounts.” But according to Reuters, social media users have shared screenshots of hats and underwear decorated with various symbols of Hinduism.

“I am expelling ‘Hindutva’,” a man said on his social media account yesterday. Since then, been re-tweeted andis trending.  In the past, Amazon also has been seen selling bathroom cleaners, doormats etc with photos of Lord Ganesha and ‘OM’ designs on it.

To this, BJP spokesperson Gaurav Goel also tweeted, “We too have religious sentiments. Don’t violate Section 295A. The section says that any person deliberately and maliciously intended to outrage religious feelings can be punished for the term prescribed or extended up to 3 years.”

“Amazon doesn’t check our tolerance. U (you) has (have) been quite often hurting our Religious Sentiments deliberately & at times forced 2 (to) withdraw ur (your) products but (it) seems u (you) don’t wanna (want to) pay heed. U (you) dare not have pics of Prophet or Christ than your Lords? Too scared of France beheading, aren’t you?” tweeted @SanatanWomen.

 Reports say that several of the product listings on Amazon are solely controlled by sellers and no role in it is played by the company.

The #BoycottAmazon has in a greater way now turned into mass aggression because in a way the products listed in the Amazon website promote the idea of demeaning Hinduism, playing with aesthetics and human emotions associated with the deep rooted and ancient civilizations of India.

However, in an era where local markets are turning up to these e-commerce websites for expanding their business as they have a higher reach of customers, helping them in a way to gain momentum in this competitive times, such type of unearthly activities may lead to a swap on to other shopping websites over Amazon, leading them to a higher business risk, say reports.

By – InterviewTimes