South Korea Bans New Year’s Eve Celebrations And Parties


In almost every country in the world, the corona epidemic has once again spread. Everywhere you look today, the tide of covid infection is flowing. A country has imposed a complete ban on New Year’s Eve celebrations in view of the rising incidence of corona infection cases.

South Korean officials on Sunday announced a ban on any New Year’s celebrations in the country. It has also been announced that all cafes will be closed. South Korea has been in a difficult position since the corona epidemic has started. Corona virus infection is on the rise in the country. South Korea, which was first caught in the crossfire, is now embroiled in a financial crisis.

For the third day in a row, more than 500 corona positive cases have been detected in South Korea. Later on Sunday, 450 new cases came to light. Experts believe it is the third wave of the corona. The third wave of outbreaks was reported in churches, schools and colleges, according to the South Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency.

On Sunday, the country’s prime minister, Chung Sye Kyun, said in a statement that the meeting would be adjourned. Any program that is likely to spread corona will be banned. In addition, hotels, party rooms, guest houses and other venues where ceremonies and parties were to be held at the end of the year were banned, he said.

Image Source : BBC

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