Struggling Life Of Telecom Sector In Wake Of Coronavirus Pandemic

Struggling Life Of Telecom Sector In Wake Of Coronavirus Pandemic

The doctors, nurses, medical staff, and the police are working day and night to overcome this difficult situation which we all are trapped in, but let’s not forget about other people also who are also rising their life to do their job- the Telecom provider.

They are working 24*7 without concern about their own self. I bet you never even think about them, they are the reason behind you are reading this article; you are talking with your loved one and with your family, enjoying watching videos on the internet.

As the lockdown imposed due to the spread of coronavirus, people around the country are relying more and more on the internet. Now many of us are bound to continue our work from home, whether it is for our office work or whether for entertainment purposes, the internet is very much essential. 

Think once if your local connection goes down, can you survive? You immediately go for a complaint, and the telecom operators on ground duty are making sure that even in this pandemic they will solve the problem to make sure customers have a stable internet connection.

Odisha, keonjhar’s cluster manager, and ISP engineers are spoken over a phone call with THE INTERVIEW TIMES, who have to be on the ground to set up a new connection and fix ongoing issues, are not able to go out due to the nationwide lockdown.

Though the government has identified telecom and internet access as a part of essential services that are being exempted from the lockdown, the order passed by the home Ministry recommends telecom companies to work from home as far as possible.

He further said that it is very difficult for technicians, mostly the lower level technicians, to move around and to rectify issues reported by customers.

The experience of the workers on the ground is a little different from what their executives are saying though. While the bosses working from home are saying that things can get back to normal, for the people actually doing the work on the ground, it remains a challenging time.

Several telecom patrollers told THE INTERVIEW TIMES that apart from the lockdown restrictions imposed by the authorities, various RWAs are not allowing them to enter the premises. 

“We are ready to provide our ID cards and even curfew passes, but some societies have strictly told us to don’t enter their boundaries and try to fix the issues remotely”.

In this extreme pandemic era, fiber teams are such persons included who without thinking about own they keep moving day and night to demand to arise. The outbreak changing the current scenario is unpredictable than ever before. 

The government should research this and plan for tomorrow using this. Because they are approaching not virtual connection, it must be physical, united, and progressive for homo-sapiens.

A salute to fibre team who are working hard and from THE INTERVIEW TIMES a big thank you to those who always inspiring the young hearts. We request everyone please don’t avoid them and appreciate their effort by thanking them. They are real heroes behind the screen, let’s keep motivate them.

# you deserve a life full of happiness and positivity.

Article Written By SOMANATH SAHU 

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