Tata Steel’s Steps Against COVID in its plant located at Narendarpur in Dhenkanal district

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

In order to tackle the third wave of COVID, Tata Steel has taken a series of measures in its plant located at Narendarpur in Dhenkanal district. The company has addressed the challenge this time by providing facilities in health care, safety, access control, transport and administration to contain the spread of the virus.

According to the reports, the company has arranged a 350-bed facility on the plant premises for the employees testing COVID positive and they are kept in isolation and further treatment is provided. Employees residing in the housing colony are also monitored, tested, prescribed medicine and treated during home isolation. A 50-bed COVID care hospital is being developed to combat the rise in positive cases.

Further the company has deployed dedicated COVID paramedics and doctors along with an ambulance besides setting up two 24×7 helplines run by the hospital team.

To stop crowding at canteens, food parcels are provided to replace the in-house dining facility. Effective communication on COVID awareness has been deployed through hoardings, posters, LED boards, SMSs, short videos, mass mails. Besides public address systems are also being used to disseminate the message inside the plant and the colony. To reduce the footfall inside the plant, the work from the home system has resumed.


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