Modern Technologies promoting better Understanding in Children

by Subhechcha Ganguly

File:Smart Board at a primary school in Berlin, Germany.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Gone are the days when Traditional mediums of communicating with the students were prevalent. If we look around the educational institutions and schools of today, we can hardly see any blackboard or traditional means of teaching in schools. Smart boards have become very common nowadays and this is one of the best ways to explain things to the students in a crystal-clear manner. Be it the magnified or microscopic views or animations, things can be easily explained by the smart boards.

SMART Board is Installed in One Classroom | at our new schoo… | Flickr

Modern techniques like audio visual mediums today have replaced the traditional book copy method. Although majority people agree that the modern technologies have made education better there are counter arguments as well. A lot of people have actually argued that these smartboards and excessive visuals acts as a barrier to imaginative and creative qualities of a child and limits them in boundaries. Moreover it is also seen that excessive watching or spending hours Infront of these screen not only effects eyesight harmfully, but also causes concentration issues within the child.

Children point to the sky as a 374th Airlift Wing aircraft passes over Peleliu during the

A lot of parents have also raised their concerns that the teachers just switch the audio visual mediums and wait for the class to get over , there is no extra effort made by them. However the new teaching methods can easily grab students attention and makes them understand things more easily . According to several researches the grades and the performances of the students have showed a positive improvement and thus majority students and their parents are finding the modern methods of education a helpful one.

By Subhechcha Ganguly


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