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PM Modi Hailed Technology: Mobile Technology Will Aid India’s COVID Vaccination


Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised technology as Coronavirus’s or COVID Vaccination process will be one of the most extensive drives in India and the world. The three foremost COVID-19 vaccine developers (Pfizer Inc, Serum Institute of India Ltd, and Bharat Biotech International Limited) have applied for emergency use authorization in India.

PM Modi talked about the vaccination of COVID-19 at the fourth Indian Mobile Congress and applauded the technology system, which will help India’s vaccination process. The conference was a three-day event that was accompanied by over 110 distinguished speakers and industry leaders from across the world. The conference also included 30 start-ups with innovative and sustainable technological solutions.

At the event, PM Modi asked the youth or the younger generation to keep innovating technology facilities as it holds a very crucial part in handling the deadly virus pandemic. 

PM further said that it is imperative to think and plan, which will improve our lives with the growth of technology. “It can help provide better healthcare, better education and better opportunities for our farmers. These are some of the goals we can work towards. It is due to your innovation and efforts that the world was functional despite the pandemic.” he added.

India is one of the fastest-growing mobile application markets globally, and the youth are having a significant contribution to the products that can go global. Even people in rural areas are also using mobile phones in India.  This advancement in technology has already helped India fight the pandemic, and in the future, people will indeed have a better livelihood.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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