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The Able and Dependable

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Arun Sahu, Minister for Agriculture & Higher Education

Arun Sahu(The Able and Dependable), one of the formidable youth leaders in the BJD cadre is not another dark horse winner. Nor are his achievements any flash in the pan.

Sahu(The Able and Dependable), a multi-talented person showed why he is still in Naveen Patnaik’s good books when he was blessed with the key portfolios of agriculture and higher education after the incumbent BJD swept the tidal Modi wave to regain power with a landslide mandate in 2019 polls.

Into his new avatar, a minister now of Cabinet rank, Sahu(The Able and Dependable) has immediately front-loaded the progress of Krushak Assistance for Livelihood & Income Augmentation or KALIA scheme.

“As many as 50 lakh farmers have already benefited from the KALIA scheme. Verification is one to include the left out farmers’’, he said.

In his capacity as the minister for higher education, Sahu has taken potshots at the Centre’s National Education Policy 2019.

Once an aspiring politician, Arun Sahu(The Able and Dependable) as a budding youth used to queue up to visit politicians. But his entry into politics was not a smooth run- it was difficult to convince his family to back his calling for the profession.

Even Sahu himself was unsure whether he would survive the tough game of power politics. While his bosom friends studied hard to consolidate their career goals, Sahu felt he could click in politics and shaped his life’s goals accordingly.

The power corridor was his chosen destination and the young leader stamped his entry into politics to prove his mettle.

To be a successful leader hailing from a humble, middle-class backdrop makes for a challenging endeavor. Also, when you have no godfathers, you only bank on your sweat and toil to pull it off in the risk-laden political turf.

“It is the blessing and grace of the Almighty that has motivated me and landed me where I’m today”, Sahu quips.

Formerly a minister for law & Panchayati raj, he had shown his caliber. His career seemed to have touched a low ebb then, but the otherwise articulate minister stayed collected and chose to keep mum.

All seemed to have ended well for Sahu when the Nabakalebar festival was a huge success and he had his last laugh.

But, the humble leader that he is, Sahu has credited it all to the BJD boss and chief minister Naveen Patnaik.

“I have the highest honor and regard for the honorable chief minister. Despite his simple living and attire, he remains such a great crowd puller. My belief is that nobody in the state will have a privilege to do so in the future. We are all privileged to work under his leadership”, says he.

Sahu does not intend to reach for the moon in the future. He only wants to stay with his people and serve them.


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