The Augmented Entrepreneur- Mr. Ashish Mohapatra, Director- Addsoft Technologies

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In the leading world, many business owners are focused on their goals and will put in an endless effort to achieve them. They firmly believe their offering fills a need, and they are driven by a single-minded determination to keep moving forward. The notable Mr. Ashish Mohapatra, Director- Addsoft Technologies, has been building his empire more than above and setting trademarks in the entrepreneurial world. His company Addsoft develops Industry-leading Digital Customer Experience solutions that are adding value for their clients and their customers.

They have the vision to boost the competitiveness of their clients. They believe in process transformation partners on a global scale while adding value to their operations through creative solutions. They are committed to quality and they believe in continuous improvement through innovation, process enhancement, teamwork, and execution. The team consistently produces superior results. This firm has a global mindset, to think globally, respect cultural diversity, and provide equitable opportunity. Secondly, customer focus comes in when they keep their customers at the center of what they do.

Mr. Mohapatra opines that the entire world right now sees the Indian Market, where every established market like US & European Union collapsed after covid and post covid. India Market responded very well and this emerging market of India gives everybody high hope. The future of the Indian Market is bright enough in the coming decade. When it comes to our firm we are an MSME Unit Registered under the State Government of Odisha & EHTP unit of STPI Bhubaneswar, having a broader market of the self-serve kiosk. The self-service Kiosks Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.45%, 2020-2027 as per the latest Industry Coverage. Self-service technologies are being adopted rapidly across industries and globally. This rapid adoption and acceptance of self-service kiosks are expected to fuel the market growth with a compound annual growth rate of 5.45 percent from 2021 to 2028. So the future is bright and it only depends upon our performance.

He developed several applications and they were inaugurated by many stalwarts like The Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi inaugurated a women’s safety kiosk and mobile app. Honorable Chief Justice of India, Mr. Ranjan Gogoi, inaugurates the digital signage and case management kiosk. Hon. Chief Minister of Odisha Mr. Naveen Patnaik inaugurates a mobile app for RTO & application filing kiosks. Mr. Dharmedra Pradhan, the current minister of education and the former honorable minister of petroleum and natural gas, inaugurated the Ratha Yatra App.

We all know that any country’s growth has always been measured against IT. As you are aware, the Digital India Revolution is strongly tied to IT. Additionally, there is demonstrable proof of this digital revolution eight years after the commencement of the “Digital India” campaign. India currently has more than 133 crore Aadhaar cards, more than 80 crore internet users, and more than 75 crore cell phones, and is rapidly moving toward 5G.

For instance, according to records issued by the National Payments Corporation of India, the UPI network facilitated 6.28 billion transactions valued at Rs. 10.63 trillion in July 2022, and there were 338 active Indian banks on the UPI network overall in July 2022. (NPCI). While this growing Technology is integrated with every system, we are using the facility in our day-to-day activities for payment and receiving of money. From a PAN Shop to an Industry Leader and from Labor to Corporate Employees, this UPI Facility is utilized.

Around 39 billion transactions worth $940 billion were performed using UPI in 2021, which is 31% of India’s GDP. As a result, the US and the EU do not have this technology where India does at the moment. even without a Where In order to facilitate UPI QR-based payments in ten countries, including Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines, among others, NIPL signed a contract with Singapore’s Liquid Group in September. The state-backed UPI has been embraced by nations like France, Bhutan, Nepal, Malaysia, Oman, and the United Kingdom. The tech behemoth Google that the US Federal Reserve adopted a similar concept in light of the UPI’s success in India. So from the above data, you can understand the Power of IT and it will be the benchmark for any developing nation.

“The assistance and effort we discovered in our ecosystem are currently better than those of any other state. Our state was the pioneer state, which many of the industry’s top players have already described. By holding these kinds of events yearly, the state will attract larger industries, which will help our firm expand along with them. When a large enterprise grows or is launched, the goal is not just for that industry to profit from the state by utilizing the government’s infrastructure. It helps the local peoples, MSMEs, and Individual Entrepreneur obtains business from them and the complete ecosystem will grow up along with industrialization which is the key emphasis of our Honorable Chief Minister and the Government Machineries. The foundation of the Odisha Industrial Ecosystem would be “Make in Odisha.” “, Says Mr. Ashish.

Lastly, he stated that being a part of the community, I must say hustle and network is the form for success. Good planning and accumulated energy can build a good firm for a better future nation.

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