The continuous raging of forest fire in Simlipal possesses threat to Wild Animals


The Simlipal National Park in the Mayurbhanj area is still experiencing wildfires on a constant basis. Since early February, the wildfires have been swiftly growing in Asia’s second-largest biosphere reserve. Despite their best efforts, forest officials have not been able to completely contain the fires. According to sources, the flames are quickly engulfing the surrounding vegetation in the Podadiha Range, Patharakhani, Begunapata, and Chitabani districts.Because of this, fires are growing in the forest’s core parts, which are exposed to the heat. Many plant species, rare orchids, and therapeutic plants are being consumed by the wildfire.

Many species of birds, reptiles, and amphibians reside in Simipal, and they are the most severely impacted. The animals and birds are flying and scurrying erratically in search of safety elsewhere due to the wildfire’s intense heat. The fate of these animals is in jeopardy as a sizable chunk of the forest burns on.
On Monday, as many as 25 fire points were discovered, including 19 sites in north Similipal and 6 locations in south Similipal.

Even those who live in the forest’s foothills don’t feel secure because of the wildfire. Due to the intense heat waves brought on by the fire, they are terrified and struggling to survive.

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