The Jhuggi


“Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.”

These above-written lines are from the best political metaphor book named Animal Farm by George Orwell. These lines are indeed necessary to mention here because yesterday the incident took place at Noida Sector 42 is somewhat similar to it.

Yesterday, the slum area(The Jhuggi) at Noida Sector 42 was demolished by the administration. People were crying, children were screaming but nobody listened to them.  

The boy named Rahul screamingly said ” They( police) take 20,000 per month from us. They demolish my home (jhuggi). Now where would I go. ( He said in hindi and in abusive way). Rahul and his brother are living with his aunt and their parents is in village.

But here interestingly two things, to my mind, which is to be noticed is, no media go there to report the pathetic plight of the poor and second thing there was a mandir adjacent to the slum area which was also an illegal encroachment but nobody demolished the mandir.  

Now the prediction of many writers including me proved true that in the coming days we will save or construct the temples of Lords by demolishing the poor’s jhuggi.  

“We do labour, we don’t have home, where we go, we don’t have money. Our children sleep hungry, we were thrown out from three places now we are in the forest and living in the slum. Now they sabotage our jhuggi, what will we do, nobody is there for poor. Where we go we are also the citizens of this country” a man and his wife said. 

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