The ‘Maoist Center’ will be removed from the name of Nepal Communist Party


China, which has been trying to keep India’s neighbor Nepal in its grip, has been betrayed. Nepal’s Communist Party chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachand has proposed the removal of the Maoist center on behalf of his party. “I urge the people of the Communist Party, who do not like the Maoist ideology, to join the party,” he said. So who is Mao? It is also important to know why the Nepal Communist Party is embroiled in controversy.

What will be the relationship between China and Nepal after the removal of the Maoist Center on behalf of the party? Will this lead to differences between the two countries? Let’s find out who Mao really is …

Mao has contributed to China’s fame in the world today. Mao is said to be the center of Chinese politics. Every ruler considers him his own ideal. The name of the person behind the success of the revolution in China is none other than Mao. He was a senior member of the Maoist, Chinese revolutionary, political judiciary, and imperialist party. From 1949 to 1973, Mao ruled China. The political theory he espoused is called Maoism. In addition, Mao had another face that has been embroiled in controversy.

Combining the ideas of Marcus and Lenin, which had a profound effect on Chinese civilization, Mao created a new theory, “Maoism.” He joined the local regiment of Hunan and played a key role in fighting the insurgents and ending the monarchy. Mao-Tye-Tung later lost his mourning and established an imperialist regime in mainland China on the 1949. He is still considered an ideal man for China.

Opposing Mao in China meant inviting death. Mao was sentenced to life imprisonment by anyone who dared to oppose him. He was deadly to the media. Mao made the decision to seize power from the media. Even after Mao’s death on the 14th, Xiao Ping took over China’s rule. But no one knew it. Mao’s crackdown on journalism is still reflected today.

However, the decision of the Nepal Communist Party chief will hurt China’s sentiments, said Harsh Pant, a political analyst. If Mao had been China’s superpower, Nepal’s decision may have made China unhappy. Now the Communist Party has proposed. It remains to be seen whether the team will change its name. “It remains to be seen how China will react to this,” he said.

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