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Mr. T.P. Mohanty is one of the reputed mine owners in Odisha,his proprietorship firm in the name of M/s T.P.

by Soumayashree Mishra

Mr. T.P. Mohanty is one of the reputed mine owners in Odisha,his proprietorship firm in the name of M/s T.P. Mohanty which specializes in providing core area of expertise in mining, raising, crushing & screening of Iron & Manganese Ore. He is also involved in export of Iron Ore Fines and owns a very customized fleet of machinery backed by experienced and qualified teams of individuals who are experts in the field of contractual jobs. His interest to diversify his business has led him to venture into the fields of petroleum and hospitality. He currently owns two Reliance petroleum pump outlets in the regions of Keonjhar, Odisha. Pertaining to the hospitality industry, he is the director of Hotel Valley in Joda, in Keonjhar district of Odisha. In the year 2019, he acquired Ashoka Industries Limited to be the Director at Hotel Fortune Park Sishmo, Bhubaneswar and in 2021, he acquired Niladree Build-Tech Private Limited to be the chairman and managing director at hotel East West in Puri, Odisha. Recently, he has inaugurated an Advanced Ocular Trauma Centre in collaboration with L V Prasad Eye Institute, Bhubaneswar.


Mr. T.P. Mohanty, former President of Rotary Club, Joda has generously made a contribution amounting to $61,000 to Rotary Foundation for the welfare of mankind. He continues to be an active member of this prestigious institution with a zeal to develop the backward areas of Odisha. He also holds the position of Vice President (Industries) in Utkal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Limited.


Q1.You are one of the super achievers of Odisha in field of mining. How was the story unfolded?


Answer. Fortunately and coincidentally my birthplace is Joda, Barabil which is also one of the main mining belts of Odisha. Since tender years I have had keen interest in these mines for which I started my career as a contractor under Odisha Mining Corporation . There I learnt all the nitty-gritty which went behind operating the mines.

Being ambitious and driven, I followed my dream of owning a mine. I applied for all the permissions and finally after 18 years I was granted my dream of an Iron Ore and a Manganese mine.


2.Odisha has the best kept secret for mining exploration, has Odisha enabled to capitalize its resources properly?


Answer. Odisha is blessed with varied natural resources, and I would like to extend my whole hearted thanks to our honourable Chief Minister for implementing proper steps in exploring these reserves. This is also beneficial for the growth and development of our state. His initiative has earned us the accolade of producing the best ores in the whole of India. He has taken steps to enable GPS in mines extraction and has executed strict regulations for mining extraction and safety under Directorate General of Mines Safety. He has developed the port facilities for easy movement of the ores which has led to a surge in the exports. China being the biggest importer of Ores from India is largely dependent on these ports of Odisha.


3. What is your opinion on make-in- Odisha conclave 2022?


Answer. Our honourable Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik ji has laid out a very well-planned initiative to spread the gifts of Odisha to the whole of India and subsequently to other parts of the world. Apart from mining, Odisha is famous for it’s coffee cultivation in Koraput. Handloom textiles, especially Sambalpuri sarees are in large demand and if produced in a large scale, can reach every corner of the world.

Pattachitra, a traditional form of painting, can trace its origin to Raghurajpur, a small village of Puri district. Pipili village of Puri is flocked by tourists all over the world for their applique handicrafts. Being blessed with natural resources in the form of mountains, sea, forest, tourism plays a big role in generating revenue. I would request big brands like Taj, ITC, Marriott to set up base in every nook and corner of this state. The Make in Odisha initiative would ultimately bring a boost to the employment of this state.


4. Do you see Odisha can Become a industrial capital of India in the future?


Ans. I am very certain that Odisha will be a hub for every single industry in the coming future. There are vast reserves of untapped natural resources which if exploited under correct regulations would witness a growth in several industries like steel, aluminium, Manganese. Handloom, art and handicrafts industry has a huge potential to spread its wings.


5. You maintain a very low key profile, what is the secret about your simple living?


Answer. Hailing from the grassroot level, staying grounded has always been my go-to motto in life. I have always strived to be focused in work and my only dream is to see this state being lauded for it’s overall development.

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