The Muslim Intellectual Population Supports Agnipath Scheme

The Muslim Intellectual Population Supports Agnipath Scheme

The Agnipath Scheme has been the talk of India ever since its launch by the Defense Ministry of India. While the majority of the army aspirants are in support of the scheme, there are a few sections of the population that are triggered by opposition parties and have come to the streets and violently protested against the scheme.

 However, a group of Muslim intellectuals in Lucknow is coming together to dispel misinformation about the Agnipath scheme that has triggered protests across various states in the country. The group has appealed to clerics to appeal to youths coming for Friday prayers to utilize the opportunity and serve the country by joining the armed forces.

The group, under the banner of the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), said that the initiative will start on Friday, ahead of the prayers.

The AMP added, “We support the Central government’s Agnipath scheme also like other ones. Our message will be passed on to eligible Muslim youths by noted clerics and Imams of the mosques in various cities. A special appeal will be made for this by them in the Friday prayers.”

AMP patron Shahid Kamran said, “We are also taking the help of social media and trying to guide the Muslim youth looking for job opportunities in the Army.”

Story By- Saayak Karmakar, Resident Editor, Interview Times

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