The need to spread the advantages of digital technology worldwide

(From the speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi)

by Subhechcha Ganguly

When speaking on Wednesday at a session on digital transformation at the G20 summit in Bali, Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested that the effective use of digital technology could help in the long-running global fight against poverty.

Modi stressed the importance of spreading the advantages of digital technology throughout the globe and pledged that during India’s G20 presidency, which will begin on December 1, the country will collaborate with other G20 members to achieve this goal.According to Modi, who cited the advantages of digital technology during the Covid-19 epidemic, “Digital solutions may also be useful in the fight against climate change, as we all saw in the examples of remote working and paperless green offices during Covid.

However, “these advantages can only be realised when the use of digital technology is genuinely pervasive and when digital access is truly inclusive.”However, he made the point that it is the duty of all G20 leaders to make sure that the advantages of the digital transformation are not restricted to a small segment of the human race.

Here, the Prime Minister discussed India’s recent experience with inclusive digital architecture and how it has resulted in a socio-economic revolution.”Scale and speed are advantages of digital use. Governance can benefit from transparency. India has created digital public goods with democratic values embedded into its fundamental architecture “Modi addressed the group of international leaders.

He added that although India has opened up internet access to the general population, there is still a significant digital divide globally because most people living in underdeveloped nations lack any sort of digital identification.”Digital payment systems are only present in 50 nations. Can we jointly promise that within the next ten years, we will alter every aspect of human life to take advantage of digital technology, ensuring that no one in the world is left behind? “said the prime minister.

By Anisha Sengupta


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