The statement on the cow smuggling case


“When there is no more cow blood on the planet, all of its problems will be resolved. Even while we talk about protecting cows, it is not actually done. Cow slaughter and unlawful trafficking incidents occur often. This is an indictment on civilised society “A 22-year-old guy was sentenced to life in jail for illegally moving cows and bullocks from Gujarat to Maharashtra by a sessions court judge in Gujarat’s Tapi district.

He asserted that “regular cases of cow killing and illegal manipulation are a disgrace to the society,” noting that “science has proven that dwellings made of cow dung remain undamaged by atomic radiation and that cow’s pee may treat many incurable ailments.”The uses of cow products, such as milk, curd, ghee, cow dung, and urine were also enumerated by the court. It made the point that, in contrast to chemical farming, “cow-based farming,” or natural farming, has grown in favour in the present.

The judge claimed that despite the fact that India has been independent for 75 years, cow killing instances are increasing rather than decreasing. The court stated that it is regrettable that cows are being moved and killed illegally, as 75% of the country’s cattle population has already disappeared.

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