Yes! What you heard is 100% true. You might have heard a lot of languages but I bet you never heard about humans talking in bird’s language.

It is a version of the Turkish language to communicate through high pitch whistles and melodies. Originally used by Turkish farmers to communicate over a large distance like 2.5km far.

The United Nations cultural agency has named the “bird language” of black sea villagers in northern Turkey as an endangered part of world heritage in need of urgent protection.

UNESCO says it’s down to about 10,000 people mostly in the “Canakci” district of Giresun Province; use the language a highly developed system of whistling to communicate.

The language joins the list of intangible cultural heritage in need of urgent safeguarding because of the impact of social and technological change. UNESCO says singling out the increasing use of the mobile phone as a key threat to its survival.

Turkeys culture Minister Numan Kurtulmus welcomes the move and congratulated his fellow black sea coast residents who have kept this culture alive via Twitter. 

The bird language is still commonly used in the village of Kuskoy, which translates as “bird village” but 500 years ago it was widespread across the black sea regions of Trabzon, Rize, Ordu, Artvin, and Bayburt.

Now in those parts, it survives only in a few words spoken by shepherds, farmers by Hurriyet Daily news report.

Kuskoy turkey is making efforts to keep the practice alive through its annual bird language festival, and the head of the bird language cultural Association, serefkocek said local people have welcomed the news with joy, as a dream come true.

The district authorities also started teaching the language at the primary school level since 2014. If you want to learn the most unique and interesting Bird language then you must have to visit once Turkey.

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Article Written By SOMANATH SAHU

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