This is the reason why millions of unborn babies die every year, proved to be more lethal than corona

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Air pollution has now become a headache for everyone.  In the first month of last year, 5 million unborn babies died of air pollution. Most of them, however, appear to be involved with the developing world.  Not only that, but air pollution is also harmful to the unborn child.  This can lead to premature births (premature babies) or low birth weight babies.  These two leading causes are associated with high infant mortality rates.

 Two-thirds of the 500,000 newborns have died from indoor air pollution.  This is because of the pollution caused by burning coal, wood and cow dung during cooking in the house.  The report, however, was published in the State of Global Air 2020 report, which gathers data from the world.  This means it estimates death from air pollution-related health problems.  Medical experts say the effects of contaminated air pollution for years have been warned of the impact on older and health-conscious people.

 Babies who are born underweight suffer from infections and pneumonia.  Also, their lungs are not fully developed.  Not only that, but pollution can also damage the brain and other organs.  That’s why we need to be as vigilant about air pollution as possible.  Of course, some effects have been around for years and have been ignored.  The biggest reason is that women and young children stay in the house for more extended periods, so cooking in the oven increases pollution, and they breathe in the air.

 The problem, on the other hand, is due to the growing population and traffic.  Traffic is light at this time of night.  Of course, the report is based on 2018 data.  This does not include the Lockdown effect of 2020.  Covid has an impact on air quality.  But this is not clearly stated.

 Some studies have estimated that people are more likely to die from air pollution than corona.  Air pollution killed 4.6 million people in 2017.  Prolonged exposure can lead to heart attacks, diabetes, cancer and other lung diseases.  Air pollution is the fourth leading cause of death in the world.  The report, however, was published by the Health Effects Institute.

Written by : Akankshya Mahapatra

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