Till What Time Police Negligence Hackle The Discourse Of Justice


A minor girl killed herself on July 20 after she was purportedly gang-raped by seven men in Chhattisgarh’s Kondagaon district. Two months after, Police Negligence the police didn’t file an FIR in the case. It was only after the victim’s father attempted suicide, that the police took action.

Police said that minor went to attend a wedding at a neighbouring village when she was abducted and forcibly taken to a nearby forest where she was raped for several hours.

“As per preliminary investigation, the girl had gone to attend a wedding at a neighbouring village when she was taken to a nearby forest by two drunken men. There, five others joined them and she was raped for several hours,” Bastar range IG P Sundarraj was quoted as saying by Times of India.

As per police, later she was confided in a friend that the rapists had threatened to kill her if she spoke about it to anyone.

“She stayed quiet when the rapists brought her back to the wedding venue. She returned to her village early, without telling anything to her parents, who had stayed back,” the IG said.

She died by suicide on July 20, police said.

The IG said police did probe her suicide and asked family to contact them in case they know the reason behind the extreme step.

“Several days later, the girl’s friend told the family about the gangrape. They were shocked, but didn’t know if a case could still be pursued as she was already dead. In their ignorance of the law, the family didn’t get back to police. After two months, her father also attempted suicide by consuming pesticide, but was saved,” IG Sundarraj said.

While police said family of the victim did not informed us about the gangrape earlier, sources in Kondagaon said local police had promised her father that they would take action, but did nothing.

The girl’s body has now been disinter for autopsy, said police.