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Decades of studies have shown that effective leaders influence their surroundings. The language used to describe a leader is not dissimilar from the language used to describe a great teacher. The grind of culture and religion is the route where emotions are unrestrained. The leader we are discussing today has been remarkable; he has made a significant contribution to everyday life. He opines we do a lot of things because we know they are healthy for us, including brushing our teeth, taking vitamins, getting a particular amount of sleep, eating a balanced diet, and exercising. We do these actions because we are aware that they will enable us to thrive both physically and emotionally in addition to helping us survive. In essence, they assist us in achieving our objectives. These things do not, by themselves, guarantee success in every aspect of our lives. But when combined, they put us in a good position for success.

Prof Dr. Jagannath Patnaik is well-known as a Globetrotter, an eloquent, empathetic pioneer, and a dynamic genius. He serves as the Vice Chancellor of the ICFAI University in Sikkim. He has over 30 years of experience working in academics and has developed a sixth sense of handling people. He hasn’t experienced any stress or tension in this role since taking over until now.

He believes problems are everywhere and he likes to solve them using the foresight that he has gained through his extensive experience in academic administration. When he adopts best practices from throughout the world, his expertise in university administration comes helpful. He really enjoys challenges and is energized when he can help a university advance in the ratings and rankings game. In the universities where he has worked, he has made this possible.

Prof Dr. Patnaik opines ‘I chose to be a leader to represent the masses; yet, at the same time, I set myself apart by embracing qualities deemed fit for a leader—integrity, transparency, decisiveness, delegation, and accountability. In fact, I would suggest that we follow “blue ocean leadership,” which, I have found to be highly effective. A leader should not only focus on ideas and ideologies but also convert those into actions. For me, curiosity is what changes the world. This is amazingly the most powerful trait that we are all born with and I feel education has the role to really use that curiosity and unlock passions within people so they can figure out how they can change the world.

Prof. Dr. Jagannath has been named the youngest vice chancellor in the country. He claims that while it is fantastic to have achieved this rank in India, the position comes with a lot of responsibilities. I’m glad I have the chance to help the younger generation. I am the youngest chancellor, so I am aware of the needs of young people. I appreciate my job and feel privileged to manage the varsity.

Being a native of Bay Town, he observes that in the state of Orissa, reform in the educational field is no longer just a pipe dream. The state of Odisha’s transformation drive in higher education has produced outstanding outcomes. The state’s educational institutions now have cutting-edge libraries, cutting-edge sports facilities, cutting-edge e-libraries, smart classrooms, and kid-friendly campuses. The higher education sector has undergone a noticeable shift and achieved national firsts. We’ve taken steps to equip our young people with the 21st-century skills they need to support industries with highly skilled and qualified labor. Making Odisha a popular choice for aspirant young brains is our top goal.

He had always been motivated and had a strong power aspect. In his daily life, Prof. Dr. Patnaik has been inspired by a variety of people and examples. He sees motivation as an urge that energizes his drive and ability for effort. In all honesty, his family is what drives him the most in life, and his parents are the people he respects the most. They are the people who have woken him up ever since he was a child. He is much roused by these qualities, which include a committed nature, order, penance, and compassion. He assured that ‘we are known for our considerations and activities. Motivation is a thought that can form our contemplations and carry a change to our activities that may unquestionably lead us toward progress. I’m exceptionally honored to have my parents in my life as my dearest companions and an incredible wellspring of motivation to me.’

The pace and work processes have been heavily activated since arriving in Bay Town, and Odisha is on track to soon have a trillion-dollar GDP. According to Prof. Dr. Jagannath, we shall become the entry point to East and South East Asia. You will be invited to visit and make investments in New Odisha. With the most recent changes, the education sector will flourish, offering young people new hope. Our investor-friendly measures and transformative governance have set us on a path of success and prosperity, with the guarantee that the state government will go above and beyond to make the investors comfortable in Odisha. It will extend an invitation to all of us to join in on this adventure.

Lastly, he made us think critically about the obvious fact that we don’t typically associate the word “spirituality” with anything positive. It is perceived as a lack of freedom. It frequently evokes sentiments of being unnecessarily intrusive. Spirituality is not a terrible thing, despite the fact that these thoughts could spring to mind. We dislike it because it compels us to act differently than we might choose, but there is no disputing the benefits of living a spiritual lifestyle.


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