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UN Official get caught having sex inside an official running car

UN Official get caught having sex inside an official running car
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By, Sushree Sangeeta

An offensive video of a united nations official making an intimate relationship with a woman in a car is becoming fiercely viral on social media.

After the video went viral, the united nations came to on a rescue to say that this incident is quite inevitablely shocking and further disturbing.

In the viral clip, it is clear that a woman wearing a red dress is sitting with a person on the back seat of the car. Apart from this, a person is also seen on the driving seat in the car.

After the video went on virralled a statement issued by the UN itself was that the investigation of the case is going on. They are indeed close to identifying the person seen in the horrible video.

The UN has said that “Employees of the peace organization in Israel are also being taken by surprise and also viewed as sceptical. The video is seen to be framed right of the main road in Tel Aviv.”

Earlier the driver’s face was clearly visible in the video where the UN official vehicle stopped at the traffic signal, someone may have filmed this video from the nearby building, sources revealed.

This 18-second video is practically disgusting.it  was a bit even awful in the full public glare. By indulging sort of things cite the incivility and cruelty mindset of these concerned guys.

We are standing against such cases surfacing in the public domain and will make sure the culprit wouldn’t go unpunished in the official meeting to UN employees said by UN Secretary-General.

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  1. These kind of lewd mindsets carried out by pevert Douchebags. Alarming situation for our next generation to follow up.


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