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Unveiling authentic odia delicacies via Instagram blogging

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Ishani Mohanty

Food blogging through Instagram has now become the new trend for youngsters, this has  opened a new platform to showcase different appetizing and scrumptious delicacies. Abinash Sahu had a detailed conversation with Ishani Mohanty, one of the young Instagram food blogger, who started her journey through an Instagram food blog page called ” Flavour tales.” Her blogs are enriched with specified odia cuisines, which epitomizes the true culture, and tradition of odisha.  Following are excerpts of an interview that Interview Times conducted with the Instagram blogger,

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1-When and why did you started a specific odia food blog on Instagram?

Odisha is the land of lord Jagannath. It signifies the deep Culture and traditional values. It also reflects the heritage, religious customs, and rituals through its food. Observing from the chapan bhog (56dishes) of lord jagannath temple to the traditional recipes of mouth-watering Odia delicacies attracts people from every corner of the world. Being an odia, I feel immense proud about my rich culture, traditions, and most importantly vast cuisine  adapted from chapan bhog (56dishes) to pakhal ( fermented rice). Cooking is my passion and I feel it is therapeutic art which fills me with immense self-satisfaction. It’s almost about a year back, I had started my odia food blogging journey through Instagram as the via medium.

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2-What is the story behind your page title name, Flavour Tales?

Well, there is no particular story behind the name. But, the name stuck my mind when I wanted to tell the world the story of all my dishes. All the cuisines are basically the combination of different flavours, and  I simply try to bring out that flavour through an embellished story in my blog, I thought Flavour tales would give a good gist.

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3-Would like to share some of the best experience during your initial Instagram blogging days ?

Off-course, once while staying at Bhubaneswar, I had visited Ananta Basudev temple (an ancient Vishnu temple),  to pay obeisance to the deities, and to relish on the food (called mahaprasad). And, accidentally I met the octogenarian priest of the temple who shared all the fascinating stories about the temple proceeding towards the revered temple kitchen, which prepares delicious and scrumptious temple food for tens of thousands of devotees every day in a virgin earthen pots on indigenous earthen stoves with firewood. He blessed me, and praised my work and interest for odia food. That is one memorable incident to cherish forever.

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4-What are the methods you use to promote your blog ?

Honestly there is no such methods that I use to promote my blog. Odia delicacies have different charm and vibe among all other cuisines across the country, or we can say a unique identity. Food lovers automatically gets connected through the posts of odia cuisines.

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5-Your blogs gives a smell of authentic odia specified dishes, how did you came up with this idea to promote local cuisines ?

Yes, my blogs are totally based on authentic odia dishes because odisha is like a quintessential gourmet central for every foodie. The simple yet distinctive style of odisha culinary has its own identity. And this is a place, where you find all delicacies without breaking your bank. Also, the best part of being in odisha, is the love that you get along with the food every time you visit local street food vendors.

6-What are your future goals, and objectives regarding this food blog? 

In the future, I want to start my own YouTube channel to share easy recipes with everyone. I also want to start a street food blogging channel where in I would bring out the local hidden delicacies of the street and introduce them to the food lovers.

7-Who is your cooking inspiration? A famous chef, your mom, a cookbook, a blog…?

Well, the answer is very obvious. Mother is the first teacher for everyone in life and I am blessed to have a mother who is so good at cooking. she tries to experiment with her dishes more often and that’s when I try to learn the skills from her. Slowly, i was more fascinated to cooking and started trying different unique and new dishes.

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8-What advice would you give to aspiring young people who are eager to start food blogging?

I feel there is a lot to learn every day from every food blogger. Every food blogger is unique in their own way. But, for that one needs to have the love for food. The very smell of food should give you goosebumps. I always had the love for food, the only thing is I started my food blogging journey out of the same passion, and passion is the only thing that can take you high above the sky. So the only advice would be to do it out of passion. That’s when you’ll love it.

Written By: Abinash sahu

Image Source: InterviewTimes

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