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Update names of actual tenant in Record of Rights: Odisha Government

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

The State Revenue and Disaster Management Department has written to all district collectors instructing them to handle the outstanding revision cases in a timely way and noting that there hasn’t been a settlement revision in 32 years.

In numerous Tahasils in Odisha, Records of Rights (RoRs) were ultimately published and distributed to interested property owners in the last settlement, which was performed between the 1960s and 1990s, and there have been no subsequent revision settlements since then, according to the official records.

As a result, many RoRs contain the names of the tenants’ ancestors, making it questionable whether they qualify for several welfare programs like PM-Kisan. Additionally, the real tenants are frequently required to provide extensive proof because their name is not on the RoR.

According to the administration, it is difficult for current renters to get official credit from banks or other financial organizations for agricultural inputs. Additionally, incorrect RoR input causes disagreements and hinders the manual and online collection of all income by the Revenue Inspector.

“Hence, you are requested to impress upon all field functionaries such as Tahasildars/ Additional Tahasildars to detect such un, partitioned land parcel cases in Camp Courts or otherwise and resolve such cases in time bound manner so as to reflect the ground reality in the RoR. This shall also be disseminated widely through Rajaswa Rath. Also, ADMs and Sub-Collectors shall be instructed to make a special drive to make this program a success. This may be treated as “Extremely Urgent”,” read the official letter.

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