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Mr. K. V. Bhaskar, the Restaurant’s managing partner , has more than 19 years of expertise.Mr. Bhaskar’s knowledge in the industry and enthusiasm for providing excellent guest experiences have made him a leader. Due to his hands-on management style and meticulous attention to detail, the hotel has continuously received outstanding visitor satisfaction ratings and return business. He is a skilled leader and communicator who motivates his staff to work together to provide visitors an exceptional stay. Mr. Bhaskar, who has a wealth of understanding in the field, is always searching for ways to innovate and enhance the visitor experience. It is understandable why both clients and associates value and appreciate his commitment to and proficiency in hotel administration. From nothing to making his whole trip successful, Mr. Bhaskar has come a long way. He is a well-known figure in the hotel management field and has helped other job seekers get employment. Mr. Bhaskar is a highly knowledgeable and down to earth individual.

Sir, tell me about yourself and how you established your own Restaurant.

My name is KV Bhaskar, and I am basically a Telugu Brahmin. I was born and raised in Bhubaneswar, where my father was a government employee. In 1981, my father was diagnosed with cancer, and he underwent treatment until 1990. i finished my +3 in 1992. In order to become independent and to create job opportunities , I entered the hotel business as a part time job. After working there, we now consider this sector to fulfill my dreams and those of others as well.
Actually, I worked in the hospitality industry for 15 years, first in the hotel Meghdootnow known as Hotel empire from 1989 to 1995, then in the hotel Garden Inn from 1995 to 2004. Then, after starting my own restaurant, a south Indian multicuisine veg restaurant , Wefaced the challenge of operating my veg restaurant in bhubaneswar at first, but with my diligence and by God’s grace,our enterprise took off quickly. Our first vegetarian restaurant opened on 1st March 2004 and it has now been open for 19 years. It has two more locations, one in Patia and the other in Unit 4. The best part of running a restaurant is getting to know new people every day and soliciting their feedback for service improvement.

How challenging was it to start your own restaurant from scratch and get expertise in Restaurant management?
So, We opened our Restaurant in a semi-basement and converted it into a south Indian and multi-cuisine veg restaurant when We first started our first vegetarian restaurant in kalpana chawk. At that time, it was very difficult to increase the foot fall , and for about two to four years, We toiled day and night to attract more customers and figure out how to maintain consistency. Then, with God’s blessing and my perseverance, We are able to make our first vegetarian restaurant . After opening our first restaurant at Kalpana and making it successful, we launched a second branch in 2015, followed by another branch in 2019, and now all three branches are successfully operating with God’s blessing and our hard work and with the support of my colleagues

The hotel industry is a mature one, yet new hotels continue to open. What, in your opinion, are the industry’s greatest challenges, and how do you, as a CO – OWNER , plan to address them?

The hotel sector may become competitive, but what is really important are the quality and service that a hotel can provide. Improving these quality and service will be our largest obstacle to overcome.
As a Managing patner, I came in contact with many people and did my best to provide them with good and quality service that they will like and become our well-wishers. We believe quality and respect are more important than anything else, and with this belief, we have been doing well for the past 19 years, and the blessings of God and the Almighty are always assisting us,

What are your strategies for attracting customers and providing your finest suggestions?
First and foremost, we place a strong emphasis on maintaining a neat and clean environment when creating a restaurant’s hygienic environment. We also take care not to serve stale food, and as the owner of truptee, We always make sure not to do so. Before serving the item, we check every little bit, and We have one logic that holds that we are not doing any favour for any particular customer, but rather that the customer is doing us a favour by visiting our outlet. Therefore, Our primary goal is to give the highest possible level of food and service quality.

As an CO-OWNER How do you encourage and support your Colleagues?

First of all, despite the fact that they are not my employees, I always treat them as my coworkers. As a result, I make an effort to foster a friendly atmosphere because, in my 19 years and more of experience in the hotel industry, I have observed that there are many places where people can apply for jobs, but how do you stand out from the competition so that your staff and job seekers will stick with you? You need to foster a friendly atmosphere, and when our team comes to us with issues, I always strive to find a solution.

There are many who do not think that studying hotel management is a worthwhile endeavour and who have a pessimistic view of this line of work. What are your thoughts on it, sir?
I’ll simply mention a few facts, including the fact that a person’s fundamental needs of food, clothing, and a place to live may all be met in the hotel sector. So, what do we do? We give our staff a few new items to try out and review because, if they don’t, they’ll always wonder how the food tastes and might feel bad about it. They’ll also wonder, “If I haven’t tried this dish, how will I convince my customers to eat it.” So, what do we do? We give our staff a chance to taste the food item and give their approval before it’s served to the Esteemed Customer .and you won’t find this kind of strategy in any other business.

What advice would you want to provide to young persons interested in and pursuing a hotel management course?
Apart from the hospitality sector as a whole, there is no other sector where you can interact with a wide variety of customers and make them happy with your food. Since humans depend on food to survive, this sector is the only one where it is possible to consume new and unique food of high quality.We assisted many people by providing them with internships, housing, and meals so they could study, analyse, and comprehend the industry, and hotel management is one of the greatest platforms for doing so.

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