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Violence Against Men: A Taboo Not Spoken Aloud

Violence Against Men: A Taboo Not Spoken Aloud
Violence Against Men: A Taboo Not Spoken Aloud

Whenever the topic of Gender Discrimination comes into permanence, the MEN section of the society is always tagged as the adversary. The society here is not to be blamed as the major chunk of the planet earth (if not all) runs on the patriarchal society.

In this society, men are characterized as supernatural powers who are brawny, take all the significant decisions in a family matter, are always superior to any other gender, and are the sole guardian of society. 

Violence Against Men: A Taboo Not Spoken Aloud
Violence Against Men: A Taboo Not Spoken Aloud

These erroneously trademarked characters deceitfully secure men to be the best creatures of the planet world, leading to unjust and age-old discrimination to the FEMALE section of society. MALES also get vulnerable to the stigma, thereby falling into a severe case of mental disorders.

Sad, but true, society still doesn’t concede that the only divergence of men and women is through biological appearance, which is the gift of mother nature. In all other categories of life, both genders have equal mental and physical capacities to excel equally. 

Therefore, whenever we talk about violence against a particular gender, we periodically accede, women, to be the victims and men the culprits. However, violence against men is not a myth in the 21st century.

Millions of men face the vengeance of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse. The protagonist here maybe men as well as women. However, unlike the most suffered gender, there is not much talk about violence against men in the world. However, the fact is that men’s sufferings are no less torturous than what a woman suffers in everyday life. 

There is an excellent article on violence against men on the website The Week. It is a story of a man named Vishnu, who was 28 years of age at the time the story published. The man describes his gruesome tale of how his wife and in-laws ridiculed him, every day, for his low socioeconomic status.

After a certain point in time, Vishnu’s in-laws even prohibited him from sending money to his family. There was constant physical and verbal abuse from his wife. All these led him to fall into a chronicle depressive state. It was only after divorce, and through clinical therapy, he was able to lead a healthy life back in his home town Kerala. 

Violence Against Men: A Taboo Not Spoken Aloud
Violence Against Men: A Taboo Not Spoken Aloud

Millions of Vishnu lead the same life of misery and perversion. There is an important statement of Vishnu in which he speaks of being afraid to tell about his ill-treatment to anyone, with the fear of being ridiculed. That’s precisely the same predicament, which the vilified male section of the society face.

In a very popular Bollywood movie Aitraaz, starring Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra, and Kareena Kapoor Khan, it showcases how a man gets ridiculed when he takes the help of law to fight against women who sexually molest him. There is a dialogue of a lawyer played by Paresh Rawal, which loosely translates, “now the court has to believe that a woman has raped a man.”

The scenario is the same, even today. Men fear to go to court or taking legal action against their opposite gender because of the fear of being a mockery piece. Till today, the majority of people won’t believe violence against men to be actual. For them, it’s just a myth that gets sidelined due to the demonic showcase of a TRUE MAN in society. 

It is high time for society to take violence against men as a serious crime and not consider it as a bizarre and eccentric concern of amusement. MEN and WOMEN are equal, and the crimes occurring on them are equally punishable.

Article Written By Sayak Karmakar

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