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Voting ends, the betting starts; US Election 2020


Voting for the U.S. presidential election ends this morning.  Democratic candidate Joe Biden is likely to be elected as the next president of the United States.  In the United States, electoral colleges are elected by popular vote.

 The President is elected on the basis of the votes of the Electoral College.  On that basis, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has so far received 210 electoral votes, while Republican candidate and current President Donald Trump has so far received 137 electoral votes.  To be elected president, you need 270 electoral votes.

 Judging by the state election results, Joe Biden has won in 10 states so far, while Donald Trump has won in 8 states. Joe Biden has won in Georgia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Road Island, Maryland.  Donald Trump has won in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and West Virginia.  In the United States, voters from 50 states and Washington DC have elected the country’s next president.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is popular not only in the United States but also in Europe.  That’s why his bet in the UK is set at £ 1million.  There are strict legal restrictions on gambling in the United States.  However, there is no such thing in the UK.  So the British gambling market is booming with the US election.

Voting ends, the betting starts; US Election 2020 1

The current US presidential election is expected to be historic for the country.  So in the UK, people are betting billions of pounds.  However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after winning such a huge amount of money. No matter who he is, with Biden’s victory, he will win £ 540,000.  He will also receive £ 1million in betting.

 According to election analysts, Biden has a 65 percent chance of winning the election.  Ruling Republican candidate Donald Trump, on the other hand, has a 35 percent chance of winning. 

Written By Akankshya Mahapatra

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