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Why State Business Leadership Awards

Why State Business Leadership Awards

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State Business Leadership Awards

For us, Business(Why State Business Leadership Awards) is the key pillar of our robust economy. Our nation sensibly counts on business even before independence. Business is in our DNA. Therefore, leading business is more of adding value to societies and living with self-dignity.

State Business Leadership Awards is a novel effort to felicitate the humble yet successful business(Why State Business Leadership Awards) owners and corporate magnates who have worked their way up the ladder of success.

The awards will be a testament to the enterprise, grit and unrivaled business acumen showed by entrepreneurs.

It is a homage to the companies that have shone through adverse circumstances and business headwinds without caving into external or internal strains.

A string of unsung heroes of varying stripes whose work has not been recognized yet will find this platform hugely rewarding. Please join us in celebrating excellence and distilling the essence of business.

Coinciding with the legendary Biju Patnaik’s 104th Birth Anniversary, this awards ceremony recalls the contributions of a visionary politician who doubled up as a first-rate entrepreneur.

One of the most gleaming stars in the country’s political firmament, Biju babu had an enormous influence on promoting entrepreneurship.

Regardless of your pedigree, if Biju Patnaik could spot the passion embedded in you, he would personally persuade and settle things in your favor.

In his entrepreneurial ambition, Patnaik raced ahead of time since the nation then had not warmed up to the concept of entrepreneurship.

To mark this day and cherish the business values he espoused, ours is a humble attempt to immortalize the endeavor.

I congratulate all recipients of the ‘State Business Leadership Awards 2020’ and urge all policymakers and industrial houses to work in concert for building a congenial business(Why State Business Leadership Awards) ecosystem.

This will integrate hundreds of MSMEs into the mainstream of economic growth and avoid unnecessary shrinkage of the economy due to a lack of impetus in entrepreneurship. Let’s come together and promote entrepreneurship.

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