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Wildlife Institute Of India To Fit 30 Platform Transmitter Terminals On 30 Olive Ridley Turtles


The scientist of the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) has come up with an innovative idea to implement satellite transmitters or platform transmitter terminals (PTT) on at least 30 turtles so that they will able to trace the emigrating pattern of those turtles.

The plan of transmitting satellite on the turtles will help them to record the tracks of the emigrating pattern of around 30 Olive Ridley turtles this year. Dr Shiva Kumar Kuppuswamy, Senior scientist of Marine Programme of WII, Dehradun once stated that the Forest Department, WII and Jack Frazier, the Biologist in Smithsonian Institution had implemented PRRs on four turtles at DEVI bench. With the results, the turtles surrounded the water, and out of them, only one emigrated towards Sri Lanka.

  Even in 2017 WII again experimented and fitted PTTS in around 30 turtles and many of them were seen moving towards Sri Lanka. But within a year the PTTS stopped transmitting, and they could be many reasons behind it. Either to the technical problems the transmission stopped or due to the death of turtles in trawler catastrophe can be the other reason behind it. 

But this year the WII will fit the transmitters on around ten turtles during the mass nesting time. The process will be carried forward at Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary in Bhitarkanika National Park. More 10 PTTs will also be fitted on turtles at Rushikulya Beach and more in Devi beach.

These PTTs have temperature sensors and surface time boards to designate the period spent by the turtles on land. Along with that, the base of these transmitters and the anterior part of the carapace will be coated with epoxy. They have made the transmitters in such a way that the batteries will be working for at least a year if the turtle will spend its 30 per cent of its time on the surface. The data coming from these PTTS will be examined and controlled by WII only.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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