With No Celebration Of Ganesh Puja, Idol Maker In Odisha Are Stumbled

With No Celebration Of Ganesh Puja, Idol Maker In Odisha Are Stumbled.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic this year there will be no celebration of Ganesh Puja. DCP Prateek Singh informed that this year there would be no public gathering, procession or immersion of Ganesh Idol as due to the spiking number of cases all over Odisha.

Every year Ganesh festival organisers spend weeks establishing extensive public pandals with distinctive themes of Ganesh idols. But this year due to COVID-19 the DCP informed to celebrate this festival inside closed doors and avoid public gathering.

Even though necessary guidelines were issued, the Commissionerate police clarified that no idols would be places, mandaps, clubs or in Educational institutions.

Earlier with following the protocols, there was uncertainty whether to allow for celebrating this festival but letting even a small gathering can be a significant risk at this point of time. Only an individual or in private places the conduct of rituals can be granted. 

Even the Puja committees and clubs associations have also agreed not to conduct any ceremony at public places. The Odisha Government had already mentioned the rules and protocol to be followed, which includes prohibitions of any social gatherings and anyone violating such norms, strict actions will be taken against it.

With No Celebration Of Ganesh Puja, Idol Maker In Odisha Are Stumbled.
The Idol makers whose annual incomes depends on these festivals are adversely affected

This decision has sceptically affected the idol makers whose annual income depends on these festivals. This year with no celebrations in Puja Mandaps or Educational institutions is left these idol makers unemployed or almost out of business as most of the orders placed before lockdown have been cancelled, leaving them with no choice.

The Idol makers whose annual incomes are profoundly dependent on the revenue they generate during the Ganesh Puja are adversely affected. This year everything from raw materials to craftsman has been a considerable difficulty.

Even Government has allowed for residential celebrations to which artisans are making small size idols. But due to the current situation customers are not also turning up to buy the idols making their business a significant loss. 

Even for Durga Puja the Cuttack DCP has informed that no decision has been taken yet, but the lifting of soil from river embankment is allowed but with no public gathering and only four persons are allowed for this.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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