262 Asst Professors, 88 Jr Executive Assistants Join Odisha Government


Today, the state administration welcomed up to 262 assistant professors and 88 junior executive assistants. To that end, a Nijukti parba program was held at the State Convention Center at Lok Seva Bhawan. Making our pupils employable or self-employed, according to Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, is one of the major problems for our higher education.

Then CM went on to say that it was important for our students to graduate from their institutions with more assurance in their ability to make a positive difference in their own lives and, eventually, in society. Professors and instructors play a crucial role in this situation. In addition to providing students with high-quality instruction, they should inspire confidence, positivism, and a sense of meaning in their life. The only person who can do this well is a teacher. He claimed to have complete trust in all professors and teachers. He expressed faith in their ability to effectively turn the kids into valuable resources for our country.

The CM praised the assistant professors and said that higher education provides a significant entry point for students into the realm of professional careers. Students choose many professional paths from this point on and make numerous contributions to society. So this is one important sector on which we are concentrating more and more, he continued. He stated that the state government had hired more than 4,000 instructors at government colleges during 2016–17. Various scholarships, laptops, virtual library resources, a “green passage” program for orphan students, and the launch of the “Mo College” campaign, according to him, are all governmental initiatives aimed at enhancing the educational ecology.

He further said that the government is also increasingly spending more on research. The state will spend over Rs 216 Crore in the next five years under the Chief Minister Research & Innovation Students’ Scholarship Scheme, he added.


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