Putin signs law allowing him to stay in power until 2036


Russian President Vladimir Putin could be in power for the next 15 years. Putin signed the bill on Monday, authorizing him to remain in power until 2036.

This is Putin’s second and fourth consecutive term as president, according to the Moscow Times. Under the current constitution, he would have to step down in 2024. However, with the amendment to the constitution, Putin could run for president of Russia for the next 15 years. Putin polled the country last year. In the midst of strong opposition, Putin claimed to have won a landslide victory. The proposal has since been passed by the Russian parliament.

According to media reports, the term of office for the Russian president after 2024 will be 6-6 years each. If Putin wins both elections, he could remain president of the country until 2036. In doing so, he will break the records of Joseph Stalin and Peter, who ruled Russia for the longest time. The bill, passed Monday, gives Putin the right to contest and remain in power for the next 20 years.


Image Source: Moscow Times

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