DJ Azex, Making peeps dance and roll


DJ Azex is one of the popular and well known DJ of Odisha, he is also a prominent DJ in the country. He has 9 years of experience and performed with the best and we’ll known DJs and singers of the country. Interview Times had a detailed conversation with him, below are the excerpts,

Q1- What motivated you to become a DJ?

ANSWER: I always loved music and wanted to do something in it and at that time EDM was booming all over so I decided to produce music and perform my songs as a DJ.

Q2- Was being a DJ always there in your bucket list?

ANSWER: No never, I was into Engineering and a normal job.  DJ just came like that when I was just doing trial shows and people really loved me so I thought to make my passion as my job.

Q3- What have you learned from all these years of your career as a Professional and Celebrated DJ?

ANSWER: If you are good at anything no matter what you can earn good amount of money and even can live your dreams from it.  People think DJ is “bajawala” but I created my name through consistent work for my brand name and now my face has a value in market.

Q4- What would be your message to people who want to become like you?

ANSWER: Follow your passion, do what you are best in, work really hard and don’t think about result for first 3 to 4 years. Eventually you will have your own empire which no one can break.

Q5- What is your success mantra?

ANSWER: Bringing new trends in my music and live shows, being friendly to everyone and adapting with the rapidly changing world, DJs who doesn’t change with trend get outdated.

Q6- How do you enjoy your work?

ANSWER: I enjoy when I change songs and people start screaming for my next song then another song and it goes like that, it happens like a nonstop and back to back story through my remixes.

Q7- What are your other hobbies?

ANSWER: I am a model, foodie, gamer and I travel a lot of places whenever I get time and I like to play guitar and sing sometimes.

Q8- What is your future ambition?

ANSWER: Creating a grand event management company, seeing myself on one of the finest DJs of the world, influencing people through my songs and 3 to 4 more businesses to give me back support.

Image Courtesy: DJ Azex

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