Vedanta’s sterlite plant to open in Chennai

by Akankshya Mahapatra

Vedanta’s Sterlite plant to open in Chennai The country is short of oxygen. Oxygen is now a national need, so the plant will now be able to produce oxygen. The Supreme Court issued the order today. The Vedanta plant was shut down by the Madras High Court in 2016 for pollution and various reasons. The plant is located in Turiken, Tamil Nadu.

Solicite General Tushar Mehta and other parties clashed during the hearing. “We are in danger now,” Justice Dewey Chandrachud said. So it cannot be made a political issue. We have to open this plant to support our country. However, after the court’s order, the concerned company could not open any plant other than the oxygen plant, Justice Chandrachud said.

Solicite General Tushar Mehta said the oxygen needed to be produced from the plant should be given to the company center. In this way, the Center will be able to distribute oxygen to all states as needed.

“The company will only produce oxygen for those in need,” said Harish Salve, a senior lawyer in the country on behalf of Vedanta. And the company will provide this oxygen for free. The oxygen plant will be operational within the next 10 days. Only the oxygen plant will run on the orders of the Supreme Court, not the power plant. The state government will provide electricity for the company to operate.

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