81% of Women feel more at ease being unmarried

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Weddings can be enjoyable, but they can also be stressful due to social and familial pressures to get married, especially for single women in India. Nearly 2 in 5 (39%) Indian daters say that their families pressure them to make traditional matches during the wedding season, according to a new study by the dating app Bumble. 39% of respondents who were asked when they planned to get married indicated they felt pressured. Nearly one-third (33%) of the unmarried Indians polled claim they feel pressured to start a serious, long-term relationship during the Indian wedding season.

Single-shaming makes people feel as though they are being judged for being single in addition to the current emphasis on togetherness. This typically occurs as a result of unwelcome questions and opinions regarding their dating habits. In India, pop culture and societal expectations are deeply ingrained with the idea that being single is simply a transient state that needs to be quickly remedied. According to Bumble, the “Consciously Single” dating trend is growing in popularity in India during this wedding season as single people, especially women, are consciously choosing to remain single and not compromise on their preferences while being more deliberate about who and how they want to date.

In a recent study conducted by the dating app, 81% of Indian women surveyed claimed they felt more comfortable living alone and without a partner. According to 63% of respondents, they won’t compromise on their preferences, demands, or criteria when dating someone. In fact, a survey found that 83% of women are willing to wait until they find the proper partner.

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