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Putin declares four new region of Russia

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Following the signing of agreements and referendums with the leaders of some of the seized regions of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday proclaimed four new regions in his nation. A translation of Putin’s speech at the televised ceremony from the Kremlin in Moscow read: “There are four new regions of Russia.”Two pro-Russian “republics” can be found in the eastern cities of Luhansk and Donetsk as well as the southern cities of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia. This area is being conquered more than seven months into the Kremlin’s assault.

Even though the exact details of the boundaries were not immediately obvious, it is estimated to make up about 18% of Ukraine’s total land area. Similarly, Crimea makes up over 4%. President Biden, Vice President Guterres, and other foreign leaders have all denounced these actions. The claims of Russia to Ukraine’s sovereign land, according to Biden, “would never, never, never be recognised by the United States.” The outcomes of the “so-called referenda” were “made in Moscow,” and the process was a fraud. Putin asked, “Who gave the West the power to judge who has a right to self-determination?

A fanfare was playing as the Kremlin leader kept hundreds of invited dignitaries waiting for 18 minutes before entering the grand hall with its columns and golden doors.

He invoked the memory of Russian heroes from the 18th century to World War Two in his speech, and he repeated tired criticisms of the West, accusing it of colonial practises and bringing up the use of nuclear weapons by the United States against Japan at the end of World War Two, which he called a “precedent.”As a result of the hasty annexations, the front lines of the conflict will now pass through areas that Putin has declared to be Russian territory and that he is prepared to defend with nuclear weapons if necessary.

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