A female doctor was discovered deceased in Keonjhar under suspicious circumstances


The death of a female doctor whose body was discovered at Joda Health & Wellness Center in the Keonjhar district of Odisha was shrouded in mystery. Subhashree Kar has been named as the deceased.Sources claim that Subhashree was employed as a physician at the neighbourhood primary healthcare facility in Joda. She formerly resided on the first floor of the medical facility while seeing patients on the lower level.She didn’t report for work on New Year’s Day, though. Later, once she was nowhere to be discovered, some employees of the medical centre called the police.

After receiving a call, a team of officers went to the medical centre and discovered her room was locked from the inside. She was discovered unconscious on her bed when they forced open the door to the house. She was transferred to the medical facility, where doctors pronounced her dead.Subhashree’s unexplained death has confused her coworkers and staff because she appeared to be comfortable with her life and profession. She may have committed herself, according to circumstantial evidence, despite many others speculating that she may have been the victim of a premeditated murder.

Her purported suicide or murder, however, is not yet known for what cause. When contacted, Joda police stated that her family had been notified and that an investigation was ongoing. After the arrival of the post-mortem reports and a thorough investigation, the precise cause of her death will be determined, according to Joda IIC.

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