A pure brand of Make-in -Odisha- Prime Agro Spices

by Subhechcha Ganguly

The direction of acclaimed founder and managing director Mr. Sandeep Guha Roy,  has made PRIME AGRO to grow and be one of the most well-known agricultural industries in eastern India. With its wide variety of food items, it has  been able to win over customers of all backgrounds. They provide top-notch sauces, pickles, namkeens, spices, noodles, and a variety of other food products that never fail to express the feeling of flawless flavour. The right balance of wit and diligence  is what working at Prime is like.


What is the passion and goal behind the company ?

Since I founded the business more than 20 years ago, we have been driven ahead by our love for producing delicious processed foods. To earn the trust and delight of our clients, my team and I, who include workers from many business sectors, diligently and co-ordinate our efforts. We remain very upbeat and optimistic on our route to achieve greater heights in the years to come as we enter a new generation.


The company has a excellent journey and comes a long way. What do you want to say about that ?

The Prime narrative begins in the humble beginning when Mr. Sandeep Guha Roy and Mr. Samit Guha Roy, agricultural businessmen and acknowledged co-owners of the Prime Agro food processing facility, started up with the production of solely Prime sauces. Since the firm’s official renaming to Prime in 2001, Mr. Sandeep Guha Roy and Mr. Samit Guha Roy, along with their charismatic leaderships and the diligent and careful employees of PrimeAgro , have woven the success tale of the company. Currently, Prime Agro is proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 food processing firm, selling more than 350 household products in a variety of Eastern Indian food marts and retail outlets. Variety is supposed to be the flavour of life, thus our extensive selection of culinary items aims to spice up the monotony of a typical meal. As stated in our tagline, we work to combine quality and excellence in order to provide items that have the optimum flavour. Our clients have been deeply affected by the powerful aromas of our Prime spices, the tangy flavours of our Prime Agro snacks, and the high quality of our culinary offerings.


Give us a brief about the diverse range of products ?

We strive to satisfy every customer’s household needs with our wide choice of items. More than 350 different products, such as different sauces, pickles, spices, noodles, and disinfectants, are available from us. Last but not least, we adhere to proper manufacturing procedures and use semi-automated packing machines because we are very concerned about the sanitation and hygiene of our products.


What is your aim when we talk about “Make In Odisha”?

We are mainly based in Odisha . So the entire team that is very necessary for making our products is based from Odisha. Thus the company is also generating employment in a massive scale . We also believe Odisha provides one of the best setups for entrepreneurs. Thus the company has also got an socio-political advantage. Apart from Odisha , we do look forward to establish our brand in cities like Bengal and Assam.


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