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A successful mission by Hyderabad doctors to save life

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Around one in the morning on Monday, a group of doctors from Kamineni Hospital in LB Nagar transported the live donor heart to the Nagole Metro Station. The live donor heart was then hurriedly loaded onto the waiting metro train, and in just 25 minutes, the special train arrived at the Jubilee Hills checkpoint, where Apollo Jubilee Hills’ ambulance was standing by to receive the live organ. In the wee hours of Monday (September 26), HMR opened a “green channel” and organised a special train for the operation.

When 20,000 cricket fans for the T20 match in Uppal were about to board metro trains for their return trip, the L&TMRHL authorities and security personnel decided to take on the humanitarian mission. “The Hyderabad Metro Rail is committed to serving its passengers and is always ready to go the additional mile if help is needed,” stated KVB Reddy, MD and CEO of L&TMRHL, in a statement on this occasion. We have quickly opened a Green Channel to transfer a harvested heart in an effort to preserve a priceless life. My deepest thanks goes out to each physician and staff member of HMR who made sure that the live organ was transported safely and without incident.

HMR has organised an unique green channel for the transfer of a donor heart for the second time. When HMR received an SOS call from the Apollo Hospital in Jubilee Hills requesting the shipment of a live donor heart, a similar initiative was undertaken in February 2021.

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