A Writer by Passion, A Public Relation Officer by Choice- Mr. Rakshak Nayak- Poet

by prisita

From that time on, literature has been the most notable form of art that practically everyone appreciates globally. Each person has a different preferred genre of literature. There are plays or acts in which actors portray characters from written works, short stories that are compact and similar to novels, novels that are longer versions of short stories, and poetry, which is the shortest form but the hardest to comprehend.

Today we are in a conversation with Mr. Rakshak Nayak, a man of many talents and hobbies, whose creative pursuits most find expressions through his writing. 

Rakshak Nayak is an award-winning poet and a household name in Odisha. Though his forte is poetry, through his deep insights he can write about a wide variety of subjects including writing fiction, drama, short stories, narrative nonfiction, etc. As a writer, it is his dream to offer content that is enriching and intriguing.

Nayak was born and educated in Paikasahi village of Gop block in Puri district. Interestingly, Nayak was always inclined towards literature since his childhood days. He started writing poems when he was only 8. Since then he has never looked back. “The captivating and serene environs of my village and its vibrant culture, tradition & art forms made me a poet. Poetry opened all the avenues for me and helped me express the deepest feelings engraved in me. I will forever remain grateful to my friends who always supported me in my literary journey,” Nayak says. He also added that being a scholar student, he was never encouraged by the villagers to write poems fearing that he might get distracted from his studies due to literature. But Nayak paid no heed to them and continued to follow his passion i.e. writing poems.

Nayak is known for his bold and fierce approach to social issues in his writing, which has successfully struck a chord with readers across all age groups. “My writings are a reflection of myself, the experiences that I have encountered in life, and my honest take on various societal issues. Perhaps that has always helped me connect with the readers and understand their psyche,” he said.

Nayak has been conferred the prestigious Odisha Sahitya Academy award for his anthology book ‘Asaranti Antakshari’ (2011), a collection of 70 short and long poems. On receiving the most respectable literary award in the state, he says, “It always feels good to get recognized for your work. Frankly speaking, I never carry the baggage of awards or recognitions. I believe, if you are true and dedicated to your work, recognition will follow you automatically.” His other published anthologies include Urdhwa Udaana (2000), Brahmashila (2003), Bija Bikhyep (2007), Aau Sabu Sakhyatare (2014), and Anwesha Aharnish (2015). Apart from poetry, Nayak is a widely-published Indian critic, literary interviewer, editor, translator, essayist, and fiction writer. He is associated with various literary & socio-cultural organizations of the state as well.

Nayak also expressed his concern over the declining trend of reading habits among the youth. He says, “Today, most of the youngsters are showing less interest towards Odia literature. This saddens me the most. I believe we need to take pride in our language first. The educated youth of today has a huge task cut out in this regard. Technology too has a strong role to play here. We can escalate the numbers of readers by using technology as well.”

On a concluding note, Nayak advised all the budding litterateurs to stay focused on their writings & not get distracted by the critics. “Nothing gives me more satisfaction than writing a poem. As long as I’m alive, I will continue to write and stay immortal in the hearts of people through my writings,” he said.


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