Amisha Patel in trouble over Rs 2.5 Crore fraud , court orders to file reply within two weeks


Bollywood actress Amisha Patel is currently embroiled in controversy. The actress has been accused of embezzling billions of dollars. The case has been filed in the Jharkhand High Court. The court heard the case and ordered the actress to respond in writing within two weeks.

Amisha has been accused of defrauding millions of rupees in the name of filming. A person has filed the case in the Jharkhand High Court. The court asked Amisha to respond in writing within two weeks of hearing the case.

The petition filed in the court said that Ajay Kumar Singh and, the owners of Lovely World Entertainment, and Amisha Patel met during a program in Harmony Housing Colony. At this time, Ajay Kumar Singh transferred Rs 2.5 crore to Amisha’s account in the name of making a film ‘Desi Magic’.

Ajay Singh had filed a lawsuit im court alleging that she had not returned the money without making a film. He also accused the actress of cheating on him. The actress gave him a check for Rs 2.5 crore, which was bounced when Ajay asked for a refund as the film was not made. The trial is set to begin in two weeks

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