Darsheel, who plays Aamir Khan’s sidekick in Taare Zameen Par, describes how he got the part


Aamir Khan directed and produced the 2007 Hindi film Taare Zameen Par, which is still among the most well-liked films. The movie is recognised more for Darsheel Safary, nicknamed Ishaan, and how he overcomes his dyslexia with the aid of his instructor than for Aamir’s part.Many people must have felt emotionally moved by seeing Ishaan berated by his father, teachers, and peers for his subpar academic achievement. However, it is undeniable that many people must have found Darsheel’s expression amusing.

But did you know why Mr. Perfectionist Aamir of Bollywood chose Darsheel for the part?The selection of Darsheel for the critically acclaimed drama’s Ishaan character was made for a reason, according to Darsheel. Darsheel, who is now a 25-year-old kid, reflected on his younger years and recalled how others teased him about his teeth. However, this enabled him to win the movie.According to a quotation from Darsheel, “In my personal life, aside from acting, I have had these things. I’ve received ribbing for everything, even my height and teeth. My teeth were around one kilometre away. After all of that, I finally received the film due to those teeth. I view it as something that can be learned. That is how you avoid being impacted.

With his outstanding portrayal as Ishaan, a character with a learning disability, Darsheel captured the hearts of moviegoers under Khan’s leadership. After Taare Zameen Par’s enormous popularity, he was offered the role of “Bumm Bumm Bole” in 2010. He also made an appearance in 2011 as the superhero Zokkomon. Darsheel also appeared in Midnight’s Children (2012), a film adaptation of the same-named Salman Rushdie book.

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