An insight to the Startup School Initiative by Google

by Subhechcha Ganguly

With its newest project, “Startup School India,” Google intends to support companies in smaller locations by developing a structured curriculum and disseminating this information to help naive entrepreneurs overcome a variety of challenges. The customised nine-week curriculum will include fireside conversations between Google execs and collaborators from across the startup ecosphere and cover themes including language, social media and networking, job search, business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce.

The programme will also include learning modules on subjects like developing a successful product strategy, going in-depth on product user value, developing applications, accelerating user acquisition, and much more. The Startup School project, according to a Google blog post, will assist innovators in climbing the initial ladder with a minimal viable product. Additionally, the programme offers the flexibility of a virtual curriculum and lets participants choose which courses they want to take. The training package will also include significant topics like what makes a successful entrepreneur and formalising hiring.

“Startups are no longer limited to Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, or Hyderabad,” said Aditya Swamy, Director of Play Partnerships at Google. We have a tonne of rapidly expanding firms with headquarters in places like Jaipur, Indore, Gorakhpur, and more. In reality, these make up close to 50% of all currently known companies in India, he noted. It is debatable whether 90 percent of startups fail in 5 years or even less. The most frequent causes of such a disaster, among many others, are uncontrolled cash burn, inaccurate demand estimation, inefficient feedback loops, or a lack of leadership, according to Swamy.

The programme aims to increase the reach of entrepreneurship and startup culture in India by making the knowledge available to everyone. However, India is home to approximately 70,000 businesses, many of which have been successful in launching their IPOs and obtaining unicorn status.

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